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Alliance Audit LLP has live M&A opportunities available, broadly classified into three categories

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Our Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) services
Our mergers and acquisitions services are provided by advisors who speak your native language. To provide an excellent service, we have M&A advisors with a strong industry background.

Side-sell M&A services
Our local connections in various countries ensure contact with a large number of prospective buyers. Due to our industry focus, we know the current buyers and their M&A requirements. By enlarging the geographical territory instead of only your own country we enable you to choose the best suited strategic buyer to acquire your company.

Best Practices
Selling your business is a difficult process that includes many different routines. Audit Alliance acts as a team and has specialists for the different stages of the selling process. Audit Alliance stands for the “best practices” in selling a business. We like to work transparently. The quality of our M&A services is guaranteed by the industry focus of our team. Communication is crucial and therefore we speak your native language. Buying a business is a service requires experience and knowledge. Our advisors know the “best practices” in buying a company.

Management Buy-in (MBI) services
MBI (management buy-in) is a mergers and acquisitions service provided by the team of Audit Alliance. Whether you are looking for a management buy-in candidate or you are a management buy-in candidate yourself, it is wise to get in contact with us.

Management Buy-out (MBO) services
Our team of Corporate Finance personnel is ready to help you with your MBO case. We have local M&A advisor presents who will guide you through the process.

Business valuations
In the mergers and acquisitions process, a business valuation is a critical step. The one who is selling wants the best price for his or her company. The buyer doesn’t want to pay too much. A logical step, in this case, is to do a valuation to get realistic expectations for both sides to consider.

Associate services
There are other items in an M&A process that can give a go or a no-go. We provide services to find this out and get more insight into the company you want to acquire. These services include due diligence, market research and business development, legal support and other services.

Mergers and acquisitions information
We provide high-quality M&A services and aim to maximize client satisfaction. Involve us in your M&A plans and we can give you a good proposal on the mergers & acquisitions services that you require.

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